Nathaniel Ploskonka – Using Social Media In The Real Estate Industry

Nathaniel Ploskonka quickly came to understand that it is very important for real estate professionals to keep up with the latest technological advances, as this allows them to provide the best possible service to their clients. The continued rise of social media is one such advancement and there are a number of reasons why this is important to the industry.

Nathaniel Ploskonka

Nathaniel Ploskonka

Social media offers your clients a direct means of communicating with you beyond the traditional phone calls or email. In fact, many people who are experiencing customer service issues will often head to a social media website to express their concerns to the company as a whole, so it is vital that you communicate with anybody who uses your social media profiles to speak to you, regardless of the issue.

Brand Building
Social media is exceptionally important for any company, real estate or otherwise, that is looking to build its brand in the modern era. Customers are now wary of any company that does not maintain a healthy social media presence, so be sure to keep your pages updated and make them as interesting as possible so that people will engage with you.

Offers and Deals
Nathaniel Ploskonka recognizes that social media provides a unique platform when it comes to offering information about the services that a company provides. It is essentially word of mouth for the modern age, so by using it to advertise any offers or deals that you have, you may find your information being shared amongst people who wouldn’t have been exposed to the company through more traditional marketing channels.


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