Nathaniel Ploskonka – Questions to Ask A Real Estate Agent

In his quest to provide the best possible service to his clients, Nathaniel Ploskonka often helps people with a number of questions before he even begins working on their intended transaction. He understands that this is an important aspect of the client’s decision making process and recommends the following questions to ask a real estate agent before making your choice.

Nathaniel Ploskonka

What Are Your References?

The first thing that a client should be looking towards is your experience in the industry. They will want to get references from people who have worked with you before in order to understand how you work and whether or not you will be a good fit for them. Always have these ready.

Is The Local Property Market Growing or Declining?

In order to be a good real estate agent you need to understand the condition of the local property market. Clients will understand this too, which is why many of them will ask you about the current market in their local area, so that they can get a better understanding of how much you know. Deliver your answer with confidence and accuracy.

How Many Client Do You Have?

This is a dicey question, as a lack of clients means they may think you provide a poor service, whereas a large amount may lead to the client thinking you won’t be able to dedicate time to them. Be honest in your answer and let the client choose for themselves whether it is a good or bad thing.

What Are Your Fees?

Nathaniel Ploskonka understands that one of the biggest deciding factors that a potential client will consider when choosing a real estate agent is the fees charge, so make sure yours are fair and that you can justify them through your work.