Nathaniel Ploskonka – Advantages of Buying a House

Though he works primarily with people who are looking to rent a property, Nathaniel Ploskonka also recognizes that there are a number of advantages that come with owning your own home. He always makes sure to go through these with new clients in order to establish what they want and help them to make important decisions.

Nathaniel Ploskonka


One of the biggest concerns that renters have is privacy, particularly if they are going to be sharing an apartment complex with other people. Even if they are renting a house, they may still need to deal with visits from the landlord and other invasions of privacy. This will not be the case if you own the home, as you have much more control over how can and can’t come into the premises.


There is a certain level of pride that goes with homeownership that you simply won’t find when renting. After all, the property you purchase is yours and yours alone, which often makes people much more willing to take better care of the property. Furthermore, by committing to a purchase you become a contributing member of the community you enter into, again allowing you to develop a further sense of pride.


Owning a property is an investment in many ways, particularly as most properties increase with value as time goes on. When you rent, all of the money that you spend is simply going to the landlord, instead of building equity in the property, which means you will get nothing back when you choose to leave, barring your initial security deposit.