Nathaniel Ploskonka – Real Estate Strategies, Retain Mineral Rights

For those looking to build a successful and lasting career in real estate that rivals that of Nathaniel Ploskonka, there are plenty of strategies out there to accomplish that. Real estate is an industry that can be conquered by learning about subtle differences. Often a good realtor gets an edge over a bad one simply by knowing one extra trick or strategy that gave him or her the edge. That is why it is important to explore every faucet of the real estate market and absorb all the information available. One easy trick to increase your profits is to ask to keep the mineral rights on properties you purchase.

Nathaniel Ploskonka

According to’s Real Estate Tips, “With so many giant natural-gas fields (shales) in play across the U.S. and new ones pending, homeowners should exercise “seller’s market” clout to retain mineral rights. While that intent needn’t even be mentioned in the sales contract in some states, it’s always safest to note it, provided the buyer doesn’t protest. Avoid that scenario by conveying those rights to a trustworthy relative or to an energy company buying them before putting the house on the block.”

While it may take a little extra work and research to determine the laws of a specific area in regards to mineral rights, it can make a big difference in your underlying profit potential. So always do your due diligence and inquire about mineral right policies. This will help you establish a more successful business similar to Nathaniel Ploskonka’s.